What are we looking for?

We are currently not looking for any written work. We are very interested, though, into any original photosets, collages, drawings/paintings, short films, and music. This work will either be posted on our Instagram or Blog, depending on length/quantity. Your work can be centered on concepts like intersectional feminism, coloured girl empowerment, punk and rock subculture, or whatever you want. Check out our Tumblr and Instagram for inspiration! We will try to respond to your submissions with in 1-3 weeks, and apologize if school/teenage life to prevent us from replying within this time frame.

How do I submit my work?

Send your work to with “SUBMISSION” and its title in the subject line.  Your email should include your work’s title, your name, age, and ethnicity. Optionally, links to your social media can be included.  And most importantly, your work (which can be attached through Google Drive or a file).

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