Published 02/14/2017 by electrickgirls

Artwork by Nancy Flecha @nflechaart

Name: Ananya Pandya
Ethnicity: Indian
Age: 16
Instagram: @veryleatherjacket
I was feeling empty last Thursday, like I hadn’t eaten for days and my mind was a blank canvas for a man to spit on and call art. I posted some disturbing poems on instagram, mostly about this metaphorical blond haired blue eyed boy I loved.

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Thrashing Away From “History”

Published 09/06/2016 by electrickgirls


Name: Sas Flowers
Age: 13
Ethnicity: Mexican
Instagram: @cerezaglazerr

To reclaim the idea that Women of Color invented Rock/Punk Rock seems to be a fruitless task. In a time where it seems bigots only want to accept that a rich cis white man who died on his toilet invented rock, the risks virtually seem to outweigh the benefits. It’s no easy task to take in nor an easy goal to reach. But I feel that teen girls of color (TGoC) are ready to reclaim the voice that was so easily taken away. We won’t back down, and I hope that we’ll never give up until full recognition is given to the WoC who defined Punk/Rock as we know it.

Stop the Self Color-Coding

Published 04/10/2016 by electrickgirls

img_0351Name: Sas Flowers

Age: 13
Ethnicity: Mexican
Instagram: @cerezaglazerr

I often wear whatever I like, it’s as simple as that. My mom is okay with it, so is my dad, and my relatives couldn’t care less! So why, for the longest time, was I scared of wearing colors that didn’t “match” my skintone? Too neon. Too dark. Not the right pattern. A little too much of “Look at me! Look at me!” Too much of this and too much of that. But the reality is, colors don’t define me. I define me. If you wanna wear a glittery pink shirt that says “#1 Grandma” ?  Do it, you’ll look great! Feel like wearing all black, complete with an MCR soundtrack playing as you strut your stuff? Hell yeah! Go right ahead. I won’t let a fashion blog or twitter snobs stop me from being me! Bringing me down because of my skin color, saying that “only certain colors will look good on me”. I’ll wear whatever I want, just as long as I am happy, since that’s the only thing that matters. No one should ever have to feel scared for making their dark skin shine!